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Ministry of Economic Development Forecast: Russian GDP growth rate: 217 – 0.6%, 2018 – 1.7%, and 2019 – 2.1%. •  Ministry of Economic Development Forecast: In 2019 wood and cellulose processing and production investment volume will not exceed 30% of the 2015 value. •  Ministry of Economic Development Forecast: Average annual investment increase in 2018 - 2019 will stand at 1.3%.
Ministry of Trade
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Ministry of Trade

supports creating forestry cluster in Vologodkaya Oblast. The first project aims at creating a new veneer materials factory. The Ministry anticipates ...

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Segezha Group

(part of AFK “System”) commenced the second stage of Segezh PPM modernization. The modernization includes the assembly of a new 110K ton p...

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Irkutsk Oblast

starts pilot project on timber origin control. The project initiators plan to register all points of timber processing, shipping, and transfer. The co...

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starts sawmill plant with $1.2 billion RUR. This will generate 105 new positions and annual capacity totals at 184K m3 of timber and 110K ton of palle...

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(Karelia) timber mill launches new timber sawing line as second stage upgrade. The company invested over 670 mln. RUR. The mill features waste-free pr...

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Ministry of Trade Plans 50% Forestry Contribution to GPD Increase by 2030

Denis Manturov – Minister of Industry and Trade – says Russian Ministry of Trade plans to achieve 50% increase of forest industry contribution to GDP by 2030.

“The forestry makes small contribution to the economy despite the steady production volume growth. It’s impossible to change the situation without new approaches that are incorporated into 2030 Forestry Development Strategy”, - Denis writes. His clarified that Ministry of Trade partners with related associations and key market players to finish the strategy development. “Our long-term goal is to increase the forestry contribution to GDP by 50% by 2030 with the production volume increase as well as growth of added value per cut timber item”, - he notes.

Ministry of Trade also noted the forestry has a number of pending matters. However, he believes “we’ve started moving ahead about ten years ago by creating investment project portfolio”. “We have completed 29 of them and 94 are in progress. This is really a large-scale activity with 300+ billion RUR investment”, - Denis comments.

Ministry of Trade has prepared the investment selection process to shift the accept “to complex raw material usage”. “We need to raise the minimum investment threshold from 300 million to 500 million RUR for the projects on capacity modernization and to 750 million RUR for the new facility construction”, - Denis clarified.

Denis added that we shall change the forest plot lease privilege provision to decrease the risk of investors unfulfilling their obligations. First, we shall provide the forest plots only after the launch of timber processing facility. Second, the privilege will last from three to ten years depending on investment volume”.

The Ministry of Trade Strategy priority tasks include accessible raw base, development of personnel, improvement of technical and scientific potential, as well as industry management system enhancement. “We anticipate the strategy will enable us to create the updated portfolio of the most efficient advanced processing facilities by including additional forest plots in turnover. This will permit us to set government support priorities”, - finished Ministry of Trade Head.