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Ministry of Economic Development Forecast: Russian GDP growth rate: 217 – 0.6%, 2018 – 1.7%, and 2019 – 2.1%. •  Ministry of Economic Development Forecast: In 2019 wood and cellulose processing and production investment volume will not exceed 30% of the 2015 value. •  Ministry of Economic Development Forecast: Average annual investment increase in 2018 - 2019 will stand at 1.3%.
Ministry of Trade
Ministry of Trade
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supports creating forestry cluster in Vologodkaya Oblast. The first project aims at creating a new veneer materials factory. The Ministry anticipates the project value to total at 6.8 million RUR.

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Segezha Group

(part of AFK “System”) commenced the second stage of Segezh PPM modernization. The modernization includes the assembly of a new 110K ton per annum paper machine.

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Irkutsk Oblast

starts pilot project on timber origin control. The project initiators plan to register all points of timber processing, shipping, and transfer. The company plans to issue free single-use ID cards.

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starts sawmill plant with $1.2 billion RUR. This will generate 105 new positions and annual capacity totals at 184K m3 of timber and 110K ton of pallets.

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(Karelia) timber mill launches new timber sawing line as second stage upgrade. The company invested over 670 mln. RUR. The mill features waste-free production and plans to start biofuel production facility. Stage 3 upgrade will create pallet production lines.

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Playwood Factory invests 4 billion RUR. The factory plans to produce 120K m3 of plywood per year. SevLesPil LLC (Republic of Komi) is the production investor. The investor expects to produce first batch of product (large-size birch plywood) in late 2017.